The Psychology of Trading Tools and Techniques for Minding the Markets

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If there is a single theme to this book, it is this: Trading is a microcosm of life. In trading, as in life, we pursue values. In both trading and life, we manage the risks of those pursuits: lost opportunities and realized losses. How we seek values and manage the associated risks will determine our personal and professional success.
The purpose of this book is to help you identify your patterns or success and failure and exercise greater control over these. The following pages can help you cultivate new ways of thinking, feeling and acting; but they cannot perform magic. For the trader, no amount of psychological assistance can substitute for concrete trading plans that have been tested across a variety’ of markets. You can only learn to master the markets by immersing yourself in the markets.

An important goal of this book is to help you approach trading the way a psychologist approaches his or her clients.Trading from the couch entails an important shift from traditional thinking. Instead of trying to overcome or eliminate your emotions, this self-aware trading calls on you to learn from your reactions. Your goal is to turn yourself into a finely calibrated instrument for detecting and acting on the patterns of both the trader and the trading.


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