Millennium 2000 - An Expose of America's Illuminati - Anthony J. Hilder

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Millennium 2000 - An Expose of Americas Illuminati - Anthony J. Hilder.mp4   398.62 MB

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Millennium 2000 - An Expose of Americas Illuminati - Anthony J. Hilder.mp4 - 1h 47min 320 x 240


The "demonic design" of the US capital, set in stone was laid out by Master Masons in the shape of the ILLUMINATI (Luciferian) PYRAMID.

The same Evilarchy placed their Satanic "SYMBOL OF SLAVERY" upon the privately owned Federal Reserve Notes -- which is debt-bearing currency.

These fiat "funny money" notes have replaced the US dollar and placed all Americans under a ruthless economic tyranny which uses the IRS as its collection agency.

Early on, these WARLOCKS OF WASHINGTON plotted to place their Satanic Symbols into the foundations of our society and gain control over America's banking system.

General Albert Pike, who wrote The Masonic Bible, Morals and Dogma, was instrumental in forming the Ku Klux Klan.

The American public knows next to nothing about "those" shadowy Faustian figures who run and ruin this now Naziized Nation from the corporate boardrooms of the Major Banking Institutions.

One need only research the financing of the Communist, Nazi and Fascist parties to quickly conclude that the same Cashist Cartel that controls us, financed them.

America today has essentially a ONE PARTY SYSTEM run by and for the benefit and pleasure of the International Banksters, who are sucking away the very sustenance of this once great nation.

Their goal is to establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT upon the ashes of American sovereignty.

Adolf Hitler wrote THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

What's more frightening is that the political pimps and parasites along the Potomac who are doing the bankers' bidding are attempting to install it upon the wreckage of America.

The goals of these globalists are openly discussed by Jordan Maxwell, Terry Cook and Ray Yungen in this hammer hitting 2-hour video.

This talented troika take on the "truth twisters" who "massage and manipulate" the minds of millions nightly on the nation's network news.

Collectively they put the pieces of this giant jigsaw puzzle together so that all who watch MILLENNIUM 2000 can see THE BIG PICTURE.

Spread the truth!

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Thank you for helping me get this research out to the world! :)

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